Green card interview tips what to bring

green card interview what to bring

Green card interview what to bring. hi everyone welcome again to our channel it’s me money and I’m happy to share with you guys that I received already my green card from the USCIS so I had my green card interview last January 7th of this year 2020 so that’s why I’ve decided to film this video for you guys are for couples that are going to go with this process in order for you guys to have a little bit of knowledge of what to do and what to prepare before you go for your green card interview so if this video sounds interesting to you please keep on watching

that I’m going to share with you guys based on my personal experience so before we move on guys disclaimer I am NOT a lawyer or a consultant so these are only based on my personal experience number one tip is be honest be honest with yourself be honest with your partner be honest with your lawyer because it is very important that anything that happens you have to be honest about the process because once you get in there it’s really difficult to change anything number two tip is make sure that you prepare all the documents a day

two days or one week before your interview so you will have time to review all the documents with your partner or with your lawyer so you will understand also what’s in the case like for example they need you to show a proof of your bona fide relationship so you have to prepare your pictures you have to prepare a copy of your joint account a copy of your utility bills all the documents that support your bona fide relationship and then after that make sure that you file everything in order for you to find easily when they asked you to show the documents

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