Gain muscle how much protein

gain muscle how much protein

Gain muscle how much protein. All right, hi, everybody, john meadows, here, welcome to 20/20, and specifically today I want to give you five tips on how you can gain muscle. There’s a natural. We just did a video on how you can very efficiently lose body fat as a natural. What are some of the things you need to do five tips there you’re going to notice some parallels here, you’re going to hear me talking about a lot of the same things, but a little differently so, for instance, tip number one.

 If you remember, when I talk about losing weight, I said you have to do what you have to track calories. You have to know how much you’re eating or you can’t create a deficit. The same is true: if you’re trying to gain muscle now you’re, not in this constant ramped upstate of protein synthesis that the guys have that are or that are enhanced. So you have to be precise.

You have to know how many calories you’re at so that you can read us, create a surplus because, whatever you to gain muscle for most of you, you need to be in a surplus. You know you can have a discussion. Can you gain muscle while you’re in a deficit and the answer is it’s going to be incredibly difficult for a natural and it’s going to be incredibly difficult for a natural who has experienced? Maybe it’s a beginner?

Yes, but the longer you go, the harder that’s going to be, particularly as natural, so you need to track your calories now. How big does the surplus need to be?

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