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free pc health check and repair
free pc health check and repair

free pc health check and repair. hey guys welcome back again today we,will talk about all-in-one windows,system repair tool so everything it’s,really important to repair your all,problem in Windows PC but this tool will,fix some of your minor problem and maybe,

fix our other problem also you should,write these two before you go to any IT,professional to check your system so the,tool is really easy and free easy really,easy interface and very lightweight go,to Google type all-in-one rescue open,

the first link and now slowly scroll,down and here you will find the download,option so click the download link and,you will find our download D you are,certain file so after you download sort,of file just double click on the sort of,file click on run,yes yes,and it’s asking a computer will for the,reboot after auto fix complete due to,automatic more sorry are you sure sir,click yes,so now you will get this type option a,lot of options even so here you’re,testing your PC as you can see so let it,to do this job so now come to the main,thing H will give the all detail and,information about your PC health like,your motherboard temperature fans or,also utilization,a hard drive all this thing rather ok

so,not only this you can check for your let,us update of your PC like this if you,click this here check for driver update,it will automatically update your PC,tri-bar for anything to check your PC,health and repair your minor problem of,your PC so definitely this should be,helped but I said,this software don’t have ability to,repair your all a Windows problem but,definitely it will repair some minor or,your lightweight problems so I hope this,will help you if you have any pc health check and repair

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