Ford ranger raptor wheel offset, best raptor wheel on the market

Ford ranger raptor wheel offset
Ford ranger raptor wheel offset

Ford ranger raptor wheel offset, so this is gonna be the first time I ever installed aftermarket wheels on any of my cars so might as well document this and share with you guys my experience so you can learn from my mistakes and have a better understanding what to expect not a reason why I’m doing is because I want to separate my truck from everybody else on the Instagram and if you know me on a personal level you know I love doing photography automotive photography on vehicles

but on the instrument specifically focus on my Raptor and it’s obvious that you guys also enjoy it so way to spice things up is to install aftermarket wheels because I know on this truck it will make the truck look a whole lot better and no wheels and tires does not make it a build I know but I have other stuff other mods that are a different story so you have your underwear this is my 2nd gen 4 draft that I bought last year and

still to this day in the most funniest car I’ve ever owned the most fun truck and in this video I’m gonna go ahead and walk you through my experience of what it’s like buying a set of 4 wheels on a raptor so as I mentioned this is my first time installing wheels I hope you can learn from my mistake and if you’re trying to do the same thing on your Raptor yeah this is gonna be really useful information for you so let’s go ahead and get started so then we also have gone with is the venom Rex VR 6l – I was debating between 2 6l – or 2 601 because the 6l one – reminds me of something from a supercar and the 6l – it’s more like a modern look

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