Facing sudden increase in hair fall? learn how to stop

Facing sudden increase in hair fall learn how to stop

Facing sudden increase in hair fall? learn how to stop. So, guys, I am so sure you are worried about losing your hair right. This is one of the most precious things God has given us and someday will come wherever you are. Whoever you are someday will come and you will start losing their her and that’s when you will start freaking out because it’s precious.

So today, I’m gonna give you the seven healthiest hair care tips that I followed, which I want you to follow the same and trust me.

You will find drastic changes in your hair within just a few days. So if you find this is interesting, let’s go ahead so before I jump into the tips, I want to tell you a little bit about my experience. Maybe you know I used to be the face of head and shoulders so when we used to shoot ads. We need to have healthy hair.

I remember they had a stylist came in from Italy on my first shoot at that time and he came and he checked on the quality of hearing that I had, and he said it’s not great, but it’s good, but we need to enhance it. We need to make it better, so what we’re gonna do for the next three days all. He told me this all.

Don’t do anything to your hair, no products, don’t blow-dry, don’t wash it okay, so what he used to do for 20 minutes every day in the morning he just used to blow-dry it with a very small blow-dryer like this sighs I swear to god,

and it was not even hot air and he used to use a special comp to just blow-drying. That’s it every day. In the morning and after three days I figured out our actually, I felt that my hair was healthy and my hair didn’t need any product on the shoes.

And this proved to me – and this is gonna – prove to you – that there are natural ways of taking care of our hair and keeping it healthy, and that’s why today, I’m gonna give you those tips

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