Emotional wellness coach training

emotional wellness coach training

Emotional wellness coach training. welcome but what I’m at son of a mr. son I feel like this is aggressive good morning click the subscribe’ all right Robert good morning good morning guys I’m al welcome back to my channel today I wanted to talk about why you might feel overwhelmed as well as how to fix it with the new year and kind of new year new you we often create these really lofty goals for ourselves and goal-setting is great I’m all about the goal-setting but if we set our goals too high it can lead to us feeling

really overwhelmed so today we’re gonna talk about why you might feel overwhelmed as well as what you can do about it if you’re not subscribed to my channel I would love it if you click the subscribe button that way you don’t miss any of my videos let’s jump in so the first reason why you might be feeling overwhelmed is because you have too many tabs open in your brain too many things you’re thinking about too many things you’re worrying about too many responsibilities that you’re taking on too much and it can leave

you feeling really frazzled so a great thing that you can do about this is to just brainstorm you can call it a brief dump you just take a piece of paper and just get it all out write everything you’re thinking all the things you want to be doing all the things you keep forgetting about all the employments you need to make all the conversations you need to have all the goals that you have just get it all out close all those tags in your mind but then it’s also really important to evaluate those thoughts and figure out what can I do about them what kind of plans

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