Electric guitar tips and tricks for beginners

electric guitar tips and tricks for beginners

Electric guitar tips and tricks for beginners. Bradford I would say today is a great success because great success every song is in the key of C yeah it my single one when in doubt play a C and F G or an a minor that’s all we got I don’t think there’s a student today I think that it is four chords in a plan literally all day long got a little different Sunday routine this morning we had no rehearsal to sweep Bradford is here with us today Hey look at the Derham Durham campus there and today Brad and I are gonna talk about playing worship playing guitar playing with two electric guitar players a lot of the content we do on the channel is like what do you do if you’re the only guitar player like all of our like

you know guitar cover videos or just one guitar today we’re two guitars I’d say let’s do tips throughout this video I got tip number one communicate I was just about to say communication so throughout the week I texted Bradford and I said Bradford because you’re leading two songs I’m not leaving any song so I said tell me what you want to play lead guitar on and we just split up parts yeah and so you’re playing lead on what songs how he loves or we’re throwing it back how he loves today by Lynne tremble and tremble and I’m playing lead on found in you

which is the first song and waymaker answer for the rest of it I’m playing rhythm in you’re playing you know and vice versa silver flute minute communication is key communication hmm the second tip is tune your guitar tune your guitars is a good actually on the real though part of the reason why yeah that’s all important is cuz if you got two guys playing guitar and you don’t talk about it if you play the exact same thing it’ll actually make guitar sound out of tune they are both picking through chords because it’s like that’s actually

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