Easiest way to swing a golf club

easiest way to swing a golf club

Easiest way to swing a golf club. hello everybody welcome to this playthrough for expert division in the touchdown tournament the video is sponsored by gold flash and play damage and before we start don’t forget to subscribe to the channel also this the gold flash Tommy calm for more gold clash related content you can get more you can get the text guide for the tournament The Ultimate X guides on the patreon.com slash gong – Tommy link – patron and to all other of our social media is in the description don’t be alone so on the right-hand side

you will see an info box where you find the elevation for the driver and then for the second shot underneath there you will see what type of ball or balls that I would like you to play with or at least suggest you to play with if that is not something you want to use then don’t it’s up to you but I always have a thought when it comes to suggesting the ball type also there you have clubs underneath there as well and I am understanding that there are different levels of all the players clubs and in the end

it’s suggestions you choose whatever you feel comfortable with but once again there’s always a thought with my suggestion there in the infobox and also make sure that you comment in the comment section below if you do have any questions and don’t forget to thumbs up so let’s go we hole number one for hole number one in expert we are going to play a very difficult wind here

so I would suggest you play with a power fireball and a berserker ball is the closest I can get because I don’t have any specific you know power if I win to win three balls on this account so starting at plus 19 is going to be my reference you sing in this case four and a half bar backspin and as much side spin to the left possible we adjust maximum distance for 20% over adjustment and then, in the end, we’re gonna go with overpower

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