Cheap birthday party ideas for adults

Cheap birthday party ideas for adults

Cheap birthday party ideas for adults. hey you guys welcome back today is Milo’s 4th birthday party I can’t wait to share it with you and I can’t wait to share all of my favorite tips for having an awesome epic Star Wars birthday party so here we go so definitely the biggest part of having a themed birthday party has got to be the decorations I love all of these decorations so much and I got them all from Party City the plates the napkins everything and then we just put some toys in there to just kill the theme but the leftovers I don’t get rid of them I’m saving them so every year we can pull out the decorations

 have a may the force be with you themed dinner party for all the food I put these adorable little signs up that you know they’re like droid dip and fruit sabers for the little lightsaber fruit sticks the kids went crazy for those little signs and of course a themed cake it just came from the local grocery store I am in love with these stairs it’s just literally like an adorable little saying about Milo’s birthday party taped on the stairs so when the guests come in its kind of like the intro to all of the movies

 it just talks about things that there get to look forward to at the birthday party I loved that and of course costumes we all wore costumes and then we wore them again for Halloween but we wore them for the party including the dog he was bb8 laugh it up fuzzball so um my daughter was raised she was so in love with this costume and Milo was Obi-wan Kenobi and Isabel was kylo Ren and again we’re going to wear these for our May the fourth party every year and then we had little signs

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