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Mountain biker tips and techniques

Mountain biker tips and techniques. breakin is something we all do but it all probably loves to do a little bit less just to gain those extra seconds on the trails the pros seem to make it look effortless but I think it’s often saying overlooked by a lot of riders let’s take a little

Easiest way to swing a golf club

Easiest way to swing a golf club. hello everybody welcome to this playthrough for expert division in the touchdown tournament the video is sponsored by gold flash and play damage and before we start don’t forget to subscribe to the channel also this the gold flash Tommy calm for more gold clash related content you

Proper chipping technique to break 90

Proper chipping technique to break 90, so if I offered to take four or five shots off your score every week when you’re playing I bet you would bite my hand off right away everybody I’m Matt frier PGA golf professional and in today’s lesson we’re looking at how to break 100 but even if