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How to take professional portraits with phone

How to take professional portraits with phone. well hello there my name is kike and today I want to give you some mobile photo tips to take better photos with your phone because here’s the thing I know you’ll have probably taken a photo or two with your mobile phone what am I sitting like

Huawei p smart hidden features

Huawei p smart hidden features. and phenom is a Huawei P smart Pro and today I’ll show you a couple of tweaks and tricks that I can do on this device so we’re gonna start with a gesture navigation which will just allow you to remove these buttons on the bottom of the camera buttons

Iphone tricks apple won’t tell you

Iphone tricks apple won’t tell you. hello and welcome to today’s video we will be giving you some basic tips and tricks to navigate your iPhone 11 whether you’ve just upgraded to a new smartphone after years or you’ve made the switch from android to apple this video will help you get to grips with