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Why having good plants in your room

Why having good plants in your room. Hey guys welcome to my channel, so I wanted to quickly give you an update of some of my plants that live in my bedroom, so this is a southern exposed window, so some of these plants are getting direct sun, but most of the plants in here

Cycling technique for beginners

Cycling technique for beginners. What’s up guys, my a putter here in central park, gonna get some laps in tonight, strictly no ride. I try to put the gauges up enjoy what’s up guys manual pedal here. This is a training video specifically for road cyclists, novice experienced or just kind of getting started with

Basic snowboarding tips for beginner

Basic snowboarding tips for beginner. So over the past few months, you may have noticed i’ve recently gone back into snowboarding after about 10 years and being off the board, now that this weird position, where i’m kind of an experienced rider, but i’m also kind of a beginner rider again. So for this video,

Best way to catch largemouth bass

Best way to catch largemouth bass. What’s up everybody welcome back to the channel today we are going to dive into a subject that it’s a lot of lot for me was a learning experience and that’s top five mistakes that most beginner fishermen make now trust me the reason i’m gonna bring this up