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Tips for christian college students

Tips for christian college students. hi, everyone, my name is Kendra Ladak and I’m a sophomore here at Butler University and normally I make a lot of videos about life at Butler the classes here and just vlog my life today I just wanted to sit down and tell you everything I’ve learned since coming

How to survive in dental school

How to survive in dental school. hey, everyone, it’s Laura and welcome back to another video this video is gonna be all about my top clinic tip so starting third year I’ve kind of kept a list of what I found helpful and clinic and I want to share with you guys that you don’t

Best way to study and memorize

Best way to study and memorize. hello everybody and welcome to easy medicine my name is Carsten I’m a fourth-year medical student does it seem familiar that why you should be doing this you’re actually doing this or this then is this video the exact right choice for you because we’re going to talk now

Best way to study for exams

Best way to study for exams, before the start of a new semester, our motivation levels tend to be at an all-time high especially if it’s around New Year’s and we’re setting goals and resolutions and making all of these glorious plans about how we’re going to completely change as people and have perfect habits

Random study tips breaks

Random study tips breaks, Hello, it’s SEO from tbhstudying and I’m here with a part two of my random tips video I made a video like this a while ago so I figured it might be nice to throw together another video full of random and slightly unconventional tips that might help you with your