Build gaming pc by budget

build gaming pc by budget
build gaming pc by budget

Build gaming pc by budget, hello this is still it’s me and today we’re gonna build a computer and I’m gonna quickly talk about what we need to do to select the components and then we’re going to do the build real quick well I don’t real quick as fast as we can so for those that are just starting doing computers gaming PC’s um the first thing that I do when I choose my components is I used to do it all manually now you got the websites like PC part speaker comm or dot CA and I tells you which components are compatible with while but I’ll tell you to quit quickly how I used to do it and

how I still do it the first thing I do I go to the website that either Intel or AMD I choose my chip I look at the generations which one that I want what the characteristics are there’s the website and I’ll put it somewhere above on the ark website of Intel I’m an Intel guy so that’s what I do and then I choose my chip so the first thing you knew when you got your chip and this one here I chose the i7 9700 K first thing you’re gonna see when you have that is going to tell you which sukkot go

it goes into onto the motherboard so once you choose your chip your CPU based on whatever you want to number of cores treads you know if it’s overclockable or not the Khazar over tell cabal so then you make your choice right so that’s what you do on the website so the first thing you do choose your chip the second thing that you do it is you choose your motherboard and then on the motherboard selection basically when you go into the different websites

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