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Brain control tips

Brain control tips. How do I condition myself to be comfortable taking risks? How do I bypass my mind and realize that delay kills opportunities and you can’t get yourself to do what it takes?

One of the things that you could do kind of, like a mine hack, you could say sometimes, instead of focusing on what needs to be done and what’s gonna get focus on not all the time,

but ask yourself what is the cost of in action? What is it gonna cost? You, if you don’t do something right, sometimes maybe you’re not willing to do something to get whatever that you want, but stay where you are today.

If you don’t do something, how much does that cost you that should give you the motivation that you need to take the risk, the necessary risk to get what you want, because when you know that,

when you don’t do something, it’s not just making a decision, indecision Is the decision when you don’t do something you are doing something indecision?

Is the decision on all of its own you’re wasting time you’re wasting opportunities, you’re wasting your potential and life is short.

One thing I notice is, as I get a little older and I’m not that old in my twenties. I don’t see this in my 30s. You see this a lot more. There are people that you know the people that you admire, started passing away,

and it’s one one next one next one even people around you could be your parents, your relatives, the people that you know it reminds you reminds me how short life Is with truly is we don’t have a lot of years, 60, 70 years on the little blue planet?

It’s not a long time right and it’s on how old you are when you’re watching this video life is so short, and you want to make the most out of it with the little time that we have by not taking that risk.

You are taking a risk by not taking the action, it is an action of its own there’s, a price you have to pay. When you understand that, damn to motivate you men, what’s the harm, what have you got to lose? Go for it make some mistakes. What’s the big deal, it’s not gonna kill you right, it’s not life and death.

It’s not life and death. Take that risk by the end of your life, all the requests you have it’s not the things that you did do is the things that you didn’t. Do and one of the things I learn is this:

I want to leave you with a quote: how on earth is meeting a man or woman that you could have been that’s my piece advice for you.

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