Blogger tips and tricks for beginners 2020

blogger tips and tricks for beginners

Blogger tips and tricks for beginners. Hello everyone, this is victoria from elf sight in this manual. I will show you how to add facebook rankings to your website. It only takes 2 minutes and you don’t need special knowledge. First, go to elf and select the facebook feedback widget from the menu list.

Click “create widget”. I can find a direct link in the video description. So let’s make your widget. Start by choosing a template that best suits your case. Click “continue with this template.” You need to contact facebook on the “content” tab to see reviews from your facebook page. Click “next” in the pop-up window. Select the page you want and click “finish” on the next screen making no changes. That means your widget is ready.

You can also check the settings tab to adjust the layout, size, color, and font. Click “join to install” to add the widget to your website. Log in or register for the elf sight application. Free, no need for a credit card. After logging in, the gadget that you just created is displayed. Click on “save”. The next step is to choose your subscription package. You are welcome to start with life.

However, please note that your 20% discount is only valid for 24 hours. Click on the code to copy it and go to the admin area of ​​your website. After entering your blogger administration area, go to “pages” and select the page you want. Click the “html” button to open the page html editor.

Then paste the widget code into the html code editor window and click “refresh”. If your homepage isn’t listed under “pages”, you need to paste the code directly into the body of the page. To do this, open the subject tab, click the dot icon and choose html editing. Find the body tag and enter your installation code before the body closing tag.

Place this special tag before and after the installation code so that the widget only appears on the homepage. Save your changes. Open the page to check your widget. As simple as that! If something goes wrong, please send us an email at Also, we have many cool and interesting widgets that you can try for free. Just click the link in the description.

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