Best way to trade forex profitably

best way to trade forex profitably

Best way to trade forex profitably. what’s up guys welcome to another video it has been a while since I posted but I decided it was time to come back again and post another video and today I’m gonna be talking about the power of psychology I’m going with power of patience and really what you can do in trading to ensure that your sort of mindset is right that you’re looking at the charge in the right way that you’re thinking in the right way and I’m this one is where to share

what I learned from my own experiences from the different ways and different you know failures or mistakes I made along the way and basically what you can do to improve your psychology so that way you know you can trade better that you can see the markets and you know sort of a different way maybe you haven’t seen them before and I just think that lots of times when you become when you’re when you first start trading you know you normally think about psychology you don’t come in thinking like oh I need to get my mind right like

I need to be patient I need to be disciplined I need to be consistent you know to come in thinking that way at least you know for most people I think they come into the markets thinking like how can I make money I mean that’s what that’s the reason that we’re here but when you come in with that mindset you’re not thinking about all the emotional things you’re going to go through as a trader as you get to learn and as you begin to grow as a trader and so I think you know if you’re new here on this video because you know you haven’t you know if you’re new to this I think that one thing that you can do is focus on your psychology you know lots of times people get started

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