Best way to study for exams

best way to study for exams
best way to study for exams

Best way to study for exams, before the start of a new semester, our motivation levels tend to be at an all-time high especially if it’s around New Year’s and we’re setting goals and resolutions and making all of these glorious plans about how we’re going to completely change as people and have perfect habits and never procrastinate again and then unfortunately as the actual semester starts usually at least one to two weeks in we start to realize that motivation levels have completely dropped and not only do we not feel like doing any work we’ve just realized that

we have an entire whole semester in front of us that we have to go through and the end of the semester is months and months away so as our classes pile up and the work gets more and more difficult our motivation levels get lower and lower and all of our resolutions and goals tend to just go out of the window and we go back to being our old selves and pretty much just doing the bare minimum that we have to do to survive so how do we get motivated enough to keep ourselves going and

 not ever really fall into a slump or periods of procrastination and just overall stay motivated and work hard throughout the entire semester [Music] so the first thing that you need to realize when it comes to self-motivation to study is the fact that grades in themselves are not motivating at all unlike things like work or cleaning where we usually get money where we can spend the money on things that we like clothes or food or with cleaning where we get instant gratification

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