Best way to improve cardio

Quickest way to improve fitness
Quickest way to improve fitness

Best way to improve cardio. Today, our video is going to be on recovery and i’m going to show you why pool wok is not only good for cardio flexibility, mobility, and all those other things, but it’s also really good for recovering from weight lifting. So i’m going to show you that today,], so what i like about water is that water is a form of resistance. But the big thing i like about doing my cardiovascular stuff and just might by walking etc in the pool is that it’s low-impact. So if i’m in four feet deep of water, my knees, my ankles, my hips, my lower back they’re, getting all of this range of motion,

but no impact, and that really cannot be done any other way. You know even the treadmill just walking has an impact theirs in the water. You don’t have any of that. So for restorative properties, especially for joint health. I don’t think there’s any better way to get your walking in and the pool the next big thing that i like about the pool is its mobility factor when you’re buoyant in four feet of water or a normal slap or swim pool, you can take longer strides and move in ways that would be very, very hard if one you’re injured to you’re a bigger athlete or three, your balance,

 just sucks like most people’s, do, i can take a longer lunge. I can kickback. I can move in weird ways that normal every day standing out in the open air is not gonna. Allow me to do nearly as well unless i’m not a good athlete. So what i find is that, as i got bigger and i got thicker that doing lunging and doing all this other stuff was pretty hard on my joints, but in the water, i could go even further out on mobility and i had no problems doing it so there are gonna be some exercises.

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