Best jump rope tips for beginners

best jump rope tips for beginners

Best jump rope tips for beginners. what’s crackin generation family it’s your boy here Russia yes aka the jump-rope coach welcome to another fire jumper tutorial peeps we’re today only take you through six killer steps to get you skip him more like a pro now this is a question that get on a day-to-day basis people as the community grows a lot more people are picking up their skipping ropes and wanting to get to that boss level straightaway now ultimately it’s gonna take you time and

patience like I always say on this channel it’s not gonna come overnight you need to put in the time to practice however if you follow these quick tips and correct your form from the get-go I assure you you’ll be getting heads turning wherever you skip so that’s something that interests you please stick around till the end of this video and I’ll see you after these quick messages peace [Music] right guys let’s get straight into this tutorial yet through these six points as quick as possible right so the first point is your rope the length now this is where most beginners tend to go wrong at least 95% of beginners have an incorrect rope length from the get-go and

that’s going to change their body position their arms everything which we’ll get into later on the tutorial but when you have a longer rope length okay so I’ve got a longer rope length than I require normally your arms will have to come out away from your body generally to make the Rope kind of shorter right then the second thing that goes wrong here though is your rope is clipping maybe half a meter out in front of you on the floor well that’s going to do is going to slow down your rope it’s going to give you irregular bounces it’s gonna take take your timing way off when it comes to jumping and

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