Best car wash soap for ceramic coated cars

best car wash soap for ceramic coated cars

Best car wash soap for ceramic coated cars. how’s it going good friends bright from apex detail I’m about to head out to the Chicago Auto Show where I finally get to meet some of you guys face to face I’m looking forward to it I’m excited to finally put a face to some of these names that I trade emails with and talk to so I’m looking forward to it before I go I do want to put out a short video because I’d be getting a lot of questions you guys have been starting to get into ceramic coatings coating your cars protecting your cars and I have a lot of questions on maintaining the coating

 how do you go about doing that do you clay it what do you wash it with what do you maintain it with as a topical I’m gonna cover that today so before I get into that I did speak of the Chicago Auto Show and I will be out there for this coming weekend Friday Saturday and Sunday I will be at the booth I will be at booth SH 27 that will be the turtle wax booth so that’s where you can find me and I can’t wait to meet some of you guys so as for videos from now through

that period I will capture a ton of footage to share with you but I don’t know how I’m gonna be able to get them up so we’ll see how that goes all right when it comes to ceramic coatings if you have a coating on your car the last question was can I use the turtle wax line to maintain the coating you absolutely can especially if you have the ceramic spray coating as your foundation or your base coating then what you would want to do to maintain it is washed the car with their ceramic wash and wax and then they have the ceramic wet wax you could use for a drying aid all of these have sio2 in them in their formula

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