Best beauty tips for fairness, GLOW UP!

best beauty tips for fairness
best beauty tips for fairness

Best beauty tips for fairness, hey, guys, it’s Marissa and today’s video is going to be how to blow up so we’re still starting the new year I still consider January February the start of the new year and you know you might be feeling a little blah a little drab feeling kind of stuck in a rut you guys know how it is when you just want to like change things up so yeah these are gonna be a couple little easy things that you can do to kind of glow up and to kind of set yourself up for like more confident so this is a great one

if you’re like me and whenever you have to go out you just kind of through or whatever on and then you look down you’re like what am I wearing and it is to plan three outfits ahead of time and this is great because you know if you’re going to school or an event or dinner or wherever and you don’t want to have to like sit there and look through everything you have and pop or everything you have it’s good to just kind of choose things ahead of time things

that match things that you know look good on you I feel like usually I’ll have like a couple you know a couple dresses that I’m like better might go to so this one is just a good one if you’re like me you don’t like having to like plan your outfits at the last second I would plan out the entire outfit like you know necklaces jewelry shoes pants shirt hat super even like just so that you don’t have to think about it because sometimes

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