Become a guest blogger | Guest blogging

Become a guest blogger | Guest blogging

Become a guest blogger | Guest blogging, today we’re talking about guest blogging. there’s a lot of value when you want to put your content in front of an already existing audience somebody else worked hard to build so there’s. five different ways five quick ways. I’m going to share with you to get guest blogging spots.

 the first state your interest post on Twitter that you’re interested in guest blogging opportunities within a specific niche talk about that niche explain why you be good fit.

seconds look within your contest go to LinkedIn see you who among your connections has blogs that might be good for you to write for.

the third is to collect a list of different blogs within your industry that accepts guest bloggers somebody might already done the work for you otherwise just do Google searches find them and then start reaching out to them to ask for those opportunities.

the fourth way to get guest blogging spots is look for paid opportunities on 5 or other freelance sites out there people will offer up their blog say five dollars for you to post your blog post on their website you can also link it back to your website get a little on co put push out of it as well in.

the fifth way to guest blogging opportunities create your blog something not associated with your business but may be related to your industry you can also accept guest bloggers on that as well. it’s really a great idea your action step go through these five steps start getting those guest blogging opportunities

and if you want to start guest posting with nmrstory you can start its free to access

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