Bank fishing for salmon on the columbia river

bank fishing for salmon on the columbia river

Bank fishing for salmon on the columbia river. hey guys as a camera the fishing Alex Northwest and gone catching guide service and in this tutorial today we’re gonna be showing you guys how to plumb for steelhead on a very high raging river here in the Northwest now most of us that I want to get out there in our drift boats and in our sleds you know when the water gets high and kind of murky and kind of dangerous sometimes it’s not the best to do so you steelhead are gonna run along these edges and plunking can be a very effective way the target tip so stay tuned so [Music] traditionally

when we’re steelhead fishing we’re using real light rods no six to twelve eight to fifteen but in this situation here when you’re gonna be casting a heavy lead you’re fishing some heavy currents you might be catching some big steelhead you’re gonna want to up your game a little bit a fifteen to thirty rod that’s got some length that nine and a half ten and a half foot length just to be able to keep that line angle up off the water so it’s not dragging in the current

 keeping your presentation what you’re gonna want to be is gonna be crucial so what I’m going to be using today is the Akuma guide select and the fifteen to thirty and a ten and a half foot rod and I’m also gonna want to use a line count of reel just for the same reason that we do when we plunk the big water of the Columbia if you catch fish at a certain distance out in your line and you want to replicate with those fish are running on other rods on the bank or on the same rod that just caught the fish having that lie encounter is super important for making sure you get in

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