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Temperance card love | how to read

Temperance card love, welcome to this tower moment from the school of Oracle’s. in this segment we’re going to take a look at the temperance card. one of the most wonderful cards of the deck this card is the card of the holy guardian angel. the angel pictured in his card is Michael or as

Ways to improve memory by eating habits

Ways to improve memory by eating habits. Having trouble remembering where you put your keys? If so, gobbling up some scrumptious treats may help. You will need Vegetables Phytochemicals Folic acid Fish Carbohydrates and fish oil supplements (optional). Step 1. Eat your vegetables – studies show that vegetables can help keep you sharp. Some of

Taking care of a dog or cat

Taking care of a dog or cat. love. Pets give us so much. But unlike their wild animal cousins they can’t take care of themselves. Just like kids rely on their parents, pets need people to provide for their basic needs too. We’re talking about things like food and water shelter and identification potty needs,

Dog tricks to teach

Dog tricks to teach. In three easy steps, we’ll show you how to teach your dog to “Leave It” Step One: Show your dog a treat, close your hand around it and say, “leave it”. Your dog might try to get the treat the second there’s a break in his attention, give him a yummy

Become a guest blogger | Guest blogging

Become a guest blogger | Guest blogging, today we’re talking about guest blogging. there’s a lot of value when you want to put your content in front of an already existing audience somebody else worked hard to build so there’s. five different ways five quick ways. I’m going to share with you to get guest