Alexa tutorial for beginners

alexa tutorial for beginners

Alexa tutorial for beginners. this video is sponsored by the book Amazon-like sent more than weather and music you want to get more from your echo right here are my top 10 I like the tips and tricks hello-tech friends welcome back if you new here my name is Craig I love using tech and seeing what it can do for us if that sounds like something you’re into stick around there are so many things you can do with your echo and so much to learn this is a consolidated list from over the past two years of my top 10 of exit Tips & Tricks there’s 11 tips and tricks because I couldn’t help myself

if I had to throw in a bonus tip now to learn more about these features check out the 2018 and 2019 acto series in the description before we get started this video sponsor may be able to help you get more from your echo it is the book Amazon the more than whether in music this book can show you 200 ways to use your echo it is a very visual book each page will show you the name of a different use a summary of what it does and the commands to use it it’s easy to pick up you pick a page you learn something new or you can go to the index in the back and

find things based on categories now you can buy a physical copy of the book on Amazon or get a digital copy from Apple using the links in the description let’s get started now these are no particular order number one is a trick to turn your smart plugs into lights if you go into the app and you select devices then pick plugs you’re gonna see your plugs in here I’m gonna pick my key light and if I go to the gear in the upper right-hand corner

you’re going to see type now type is defaulted to plug if I go and change this from plug to light this is now going to act like a light I’ll find this now under not plugs anymore instead you’ll find it under lights so here is my key light now this plug is going to respond to commands as if it were smart light

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