10 filmmaking tips from directors

10 filmmaking tips from directors

10 filmmaking tips from directors. hey guys fun forum after Lanza welcome to today’s episode of filmmaking tips so in this video I want to talk about how to get started as a freelance filmmaker that’s the question I’ve been asked a few times since I asked you guys what topics I should cover in these videos so I’m gonna talk about the different ways that you can have to get work at the start

 how important it is to get noticed to build your portfolio and pretty much everything that happened to me or that led me to you what I do here today so obviously, this applies to me it’s based on my experience but I’m pretty sure you can relate to it

if you’re about to or looking into starting your filmmaking Curie’s as always don’t forget to subscribe if you wanna see more videos like this one and let’s jump into it [Music] so back in 2017 I decided to go full-time into friends filmmaking I was doing videos on the side for a few years before that but I really made the jump in 2017 so it’s been nearly three years now

 what I want to do in this video is to talk about a few points and give you some tips on how I got started what to do what not to do what’s important one I found to be important and hopefully it will be helpful to you I wanted to make this video a lot earlier like at the end of last year but because of the bush fires the smog has been pretty intense

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